Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Day 57 - Wednesday, September 19

Well, Kathryn seems to be tolerating her gut priming. They originally started her at 1 ml every 6 hours, then moved to 1 ml every 4 hours, and I just called and she is now at 1 ml every 3 hours. So far, she is doing well with it. We actually got to see the "big" feeding last night. It took all of 1 minute, but she started sucking on her tube as if she tasted it!! The tube actually goes straight to her tummy so she really doesn't "taste" it, but she acted like she did.

She is still having good lab results lately and they are not seeing any unusual residual from her feedings.

Last night was a very nice visit. The NICU is down to only about 10 babies right now because a good number have gone home this week. It's certainly exciting to see babies go home, but as a long timer, it's tough to see. I want to get to the magic day where we take Kathryn home too!! It is so hard for me to be a patient person!! I'll settle right now for the first day we can hold her!! The nurses tell us that Greg and I can fight over being the first and second in line. After that though, the nurses plan to form a line to get their chance. Who are they kidding? Do they really think that Greg and I plan to put her down?

Please pray for Kathryn!! Boring days are great!!


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