Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A new picture

A picture from today - looks like she might be a red head - or at least strawberry blond!!
Here's one more!! Notice that there are no IV's or Arterial lines in either hand. Might be one of a few days that we see that until she goes home.


Kate said...

Definitely some strawberry in there! What a precious child!

KC said...

Greg, Kelly, Madalyn and Kathryn:

Although I have not met you guys, please know you are in our prayers. My husband went to Auburn with Eric and he was the one that told us about your blog. I have been checking in and wishing Kathryn lots of health as she fights day-by-day.

Best Wishes,

Renata and KC Decker

PS: Your little girls are both very beautiful, you must be very proud!

Lurenda said...

Kathryn is looking great!! I can't get over how much she has grown. We pray for all of you every day.

I sent a message earlier telling you that we are friends of Kate and Andy Sawyer. I just found a new connection a couple of weeks ago. I'm friends with Natalie and Brad Horne from your Sunday School Class and I also know your minister, Jack. What a small world this is!

Sending prayers your way,
Lurenda and Ben Avery