Sunday, February 17, 2008

Where have we been?

Well, since my last post last Monday you won't believe the kind of week we have had. Throughout the week they have tested Kathryn on two reflux studies - the upper GI and the PH probe study of 24 hours. Both returned negative for reflux as an issue. She also did a sleep study (I took pictures - poor thing). That also returned with no true sleep issues such as sleep apnea, etc. Then a CT scan of her lungs to see if she had additional lung damage other than BPD but the scan showed typical lungs associated with BPD. So then around Thursday they began increasing her Viagra to see if it would help any with her pulmonary hypertension. She started at 1 mg 3 times a day and is now up to 3.5 mg 3 times a day. Greg stayed with her starting Thursday night through the weekend because about mid week last week I started to feel kinda bad and was running temps over 100. Friday my mom took me to the doctor because I could not drive. I had a large red place on the back of my upper right leg that was very uncomfortable so for 3 days it had been difficult to walk or sit. Anyway, at my doctor's appointment at 10:00 on Friday, they sent me straight to emergency surgery at Brookwood Hospital for an infection that had abcessed and I had surgery Friday at around 4:00. They had me stay overnight at Brookwood for 2 nights and released me today and Greg has been at Children's with Kathryn.

There is more concern for Kathryn with Greg and I and the doctors because we can't quite figure out the problem and she is really kinda at a stale mate with 7 pounds, 5 ounces. They may consider some more invasive tests this week like the cardiac catheter (which would mean a transport to UAB and under anesthesia) and a lung biopsy. Those are not definites at this point, just things that they brought up to Greg this morning.

Wow, we've been through the ringer the past few days. I am feeling better after surgery and some percocet!! Maddie has spent a good bit of the weekend with her Pawpaw since Greg was with Kathryn and my mom was with me. She had a Valentines' date with him on Friday night and then spent the night with Nini and Pawpaw for the weekend. Greg's parents came over on Saturday to check on every one too. I am headed to Children's to see Kathryn soon!

Please pray over our whole family - me, Greg, Madelyn and Kathryn!! I know that my mom and Billy are tired too with all the assistance that they have been giving to us!! We all need some rest and it doesn't seem to be around the corner by any means.


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Jeffrey said...

What a week! Our thoughts and best wishes are with you! Stay strong.