Sunday, February 24, 2008

Celebrating Mom's Birthday

I had a wonderful weekend at home for my birthday!! Saturday morning snuggles with both the girls was fantastic (and sleeping in a real bed - not a fold out chair - was phenomenal). We had breakfast and then Maddie and I headed out to get her library card. She is now the proud owner of one and she checked out 12 books her first time around!! Saturday night, some friends of ours stayed with Kathryn at our house while my mom and Billy took Greg, Maddie, and I, my grandmother, my brother Beau, my sister in law Brittany, and my nephew Reed to eat at Sumo!! It was a nice relaxing meal and a great birthday celebration!!

Today, Maddie's choir at church, the Cherub Choir, sang "Father I Adore You" so our nanny Cheryl came over to keep Kathryn so Greg and I could both see her sing. Greg's parents came over too and all of my family was there. We had lunch, cake and presents at my mom's house and then back here for an afternoon of rest!!

It is so great to be away from the hospital and to have all of us under one roof again tonight. God is good!!


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