Monday, February 11, 2008

Results - no news

The nasal swab showed negative for RSV and Flu. The upper GI study showed negative for reflux as an issue. They are possibly doing the sleep study tonight to see if that is part of the problem. After that, we will re-evaluate. Another thing that they may be considering is doing a cardiac catheter. I sure hope that we don't have to go that route. Please pray for some answers!!



Robbie, Jenn, and Ellie said...

Hey Ellis Family! I am Jennifer Latham, a friend of Sara and Bob Blakeney. My husband Robbie and I have a little girl named Ellis Katherine (we call her Ellie), so your little girl has been very near and dear to our hearts. Know that we are praying, praying, praying for continued strength for all of you. Thank-you so much for allowing us to be a part of your's been incredible!

tracie said...

Oh, Kelly and Greg...I am so sorry to hear of this. I am praying right now!!!! We love you all--hang in there!

Angie Redmond said...

Hello, Ellis Family!
Just wanted you to know that we are thinking of you. We hope that Kathryn will be home again soon. We know that you're getting frustrated but the doctors are doing all they can for your little girl. Can't wait to play with her!
The Redmonds