Saturday, February 9, 2008

More pictures

Maddie and her two best girlfriends at a birthday bowling party!Hannah Montana made a guest appearance at our house - bet you didn't know that we knew her!
Maddie and Kathryn!

Maddie shows Kathryn the ropes of her new toy. Notice all of Madelyn's jewlery - she said that she was getting pretty for Daddy!! I have a girly girl on my hands!

Enjoying the new toy!
Kathryn played herself to sleep - notice she can't even hold the pacifier in!


Kate said...

I think Kathryn looks like her big sister! How adorable that they play together.

tracie said...

The girls do look so much alike...beautiful redheads!! We hope to see Maddie at church tomorrow!

Lurenda said...

Both of your girls are beautiful!! I think Jeffrey may have a little baby crush on Kathryn! ;)