Monday, February 25, 2008

New Pictures

Kathryn getting ready for her sleep study - she doesn't really know what's happening yet!!
Now she is getting the picture - get me outta here - I don't like this anymore!
The next morning after the sleep study - all of her attachments!!
Kathryn in her cool outfit!
All tuckered out!!
Maddie headed to the library to get her library card.
Madelyn and Nini at Kelly's birthday dinner at Sumo!
Maddie and Kathryn in their chairs. Do we have enough toys?

Enjoy - Kelly


tracy ashley said...

How cute is she! Such big cheeks!
Kelly, your family is so precious!

Aunt Donna said...

How exciting - Miss Maddie and her first library card! Peyton got hers about 6 weeks ago and loves being able to check out her own books! Luckily, she's an avid reader like her mom and grandmother are. Your girls are growing like weeds and Great-Granny Ellis is delighted to see the "meat" on Kathryn's legs! She wants so to hold her, rock her and love on her. Much love, Aunt Donna and Granny