Thursday, February 7, 2008

What's been happening around our house

Well, we've settled into being at home again I think. Monday morning, our Nanny, Miss Cheryl, started and jumped right in taking care of Kathryn. Like anyone, she was a little cautious with the monitors the first day and I explained that with time, she would get comfortable knowing which alarms were real and which were "equipment errors." (I think by Tuesday she understood exactly what I meant!!!) We spent Monday getting familiar with Kathryn, her feeding schedule, her medicines, her physical therapy exercises, her chest percussion therapy (to help with her lungs), and all her toys. Maddie went on to school and I picked her up that afternoon leaving Cheryl and Kathryn twice and I felt so comfortable with her here!! Monday afternoon, Greg came home around 3:00 and fell asleep saying that he did not feel well - for him to be home that early, you would know that he did not feel well! Anyway, I pressed him to go to the doctor on Tuesday and he did, ending up with a decongestant and nose spray. He is slowly getting better.

Tuesday morning, Cheryl had gotten here at 7:00 am and we were talking and around 7:30, Kathryn spit up. I know that seems like no big deal for a baby to spit up, but the only other time she has ever spit up was when she got her Synagis shot 45 minutes after a feed. So I was a little concerned. Well, Cheryl and I jumped right in and cleaned up and gave Kathryn a bath. Maddie went on to school and I headed to the Health Department. Because of Kathryn's low birth weight, she has Medicaid from the state. Well, because she has Medicaid, she qualifies for WIC because she has specific nutrition requirements. I double checked with our nutritionist in the pulmonology clinic because I thought that WIC usually depended on income, but she said that in our case, in did not because Kathryn had specific dietary needs and was receiving Medicaid due to her birth weight. So, I spent two hours at the Health Department and got what we needed. Then I headed to the DMV to pick up our temporary handicap hang tag. Since Kathryn is on supplemental oxygen, the pumonology clinic approved a hang tag for us so that when we take her to doctor's offices, we can park as close as possible. Surprisingly, the trip to the DMV only took 15 minutes and I was out the door. By that point in the day, it was only 45 minutes to the end of Madelyn's school day so I checked in with Cheryl and kept on with my errands. I got Kathryn a new toy at Babies R Us, ran by the drug store, ran to Publix to get the first month's worth of formula, and picked up Maddie from school. After her minor spit up early that morning, Cheryl said that Kathryn had a great day.

Yesterday morning, Cheryl called and said that she wanted to run by the doctor's office before she came over because she had a stuffy nose and didn't want to be around Kathryn until she could get some sinus medicine. After she went to the doctor, she called and said that her doctor said she had the flu. So, she is on some big guns medicine and she is taking today off too! My mom has also been sick (and staying away from our house)!

My prayer this week is that Kathryn stays well. With Greg, Cheryl and my mom sick, Maddie and I have escaped it so far. I just pray that Kathryn stays well and home!!



tracie said...

Hey Kelly! I will say a prayer that you all stay well. Daniel and Caroline have both been sick too. It seems like everyone is--SCARY!!

Kate said...

We will be praying that there are no more tips to the hospital for Kathryn, that Greg and Miss Cheryl get better very soon, and that you and Maddie stay healthy! We will also pray that your impending "going back to work" is smooth and not too painful.