Thursday, August 28, 2008

The zoo and our upcoming weekend!!

So yesterday, I took the girls to the zoo and then we had lunch with Nini and Pawpaw and went by Pawpaw's office to meet his work friends. Both of the girls behaved themselves quite nicely. We were planning to go bowling in the afternoon because it said on the website that it is smoke free - WRONG!! Poor Maddie was so sad that we couldn't go bowling but when I explained to her that the yucky smoke wasn't good for Kathryn's lungs, she said that if it meant not going bowling, she just wanted to make sure that Kathryn could breathe - AWWWWW, too sweet!! Maddie is such a protective big sister! Anyway, last night Maddie had choir so she was pretty thrilled with that and quickly forgot bowling.

Greg is headed home in just a little while and we are taking the girls to the McWane Center for the afternoon. This evening and first thing tomorrow we are preparing for another camping weekend away. This is only our second time to go away from home with Kathryn but we really enjoyed the last camping weekend so much and it seemed like a mini vacation!! We are going to a campground near Gadsden and will get to stay for two nights with Nini and Pawpaw in their camper. We figure we better travel now before fall/winter comes back around and we have to go into semi "lockdown" again during the flu season! Hopefully this is the last winter we have to worry about this with Kathryn!

We hope that everyone enjoys a long Labor Day weekend. We should have plenty of wonderful pictures to share from our weekend!

Faithfully, Kelly

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