Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Celery, Soccer, and the Big Movie

So, I'll bet you are confused by the title? Friday night we went to eat dinner with Nini and Pawpaw at the Cheesecake Factory and Kathryn remained fussy at the beginning of the meal. Puffs were not keeping her satisfied. So I gathered her up and sat her in my lap - which is a little tougher now that she is a reacher and a grabber! Anyway, she reached and then she grabbed my celery from my plate and then she gummed every single piece! So we have a celery gummer!!

Maddie is all ready for soccer - we got her cleats, shin guards, soccer socks, soccer shorts, and her new bag came in the mail. She and Greg practiced on Sunday and I must say that she seems to be a natural! Of course, both of her uncles played so I think that she comes by that talent in the family genes!

I am on vacation this week and am spending the time with my girls (and cleaning the house during rest time and in the mornings while they still sleep). Anyway, yesterday we went to the big movie and Kat did so wonderful!! She feel asleep at first and then woke up as soon as the first loud noise started. She never fussed, watched some of the movie, and then took a nap. Of course, it was a Monday afternoon 2:00 movie and luckily, Maddie, Kat, Nini and I were the only people in the entire theater!! Our own private showing!

I think I have been failing to mention Kat's milestones, so I thought I would give a brief update:

  • she has been sitting unassisted for several months now
  • she is attempting to belly crawl, not very well yet though
  • she is "eating" some finger foods - like Gerber puffs, small amounts of bread, mushy banana
  • she still has no teeth
  • her bottles are still only 4 ounces or so
  • she does ok with baby food, but she could easily take it or leave it
  • she pulls to standing from her knees in her pack and play
  • she loves the exersaucer and her bebe pod (like a bumbo)
  • her favorite toy to play with appears to be books
  • she still takes the type of paci she had at the hospital as a preemie - she won't even consider another kind
  • she still wears 3-6 month clothes and some 6-9 month, and about to move to size 3 diapers
  • she adores bath time!
  • she looks beautiful without the cannula and stickers (I get to see it briefly when I change them)
  • she still has never slept a night in her bed
  • she smiles a lot and she does a lot of baby babble - no words yet
  • she adores Maddie - they already have the sister bond
  • she loves pulling a blanket up to her face and "hiding"

Better run - time to feed the munchkin!


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