Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ellis Household Happenings!

Kathryn is now officially pulling to standing as of this past weekend. She only does it in her playpen and her bed, but still enough to frighten you when you walk around the corner expecting to see a baby sitting down and there she is staring at you!!

Madelyn is signed up for soccer this fall -- her first stint in organized sports. Well, she's almost 5 - I don't know that you can call it organized, but I think that she will love it!! We ordered her a soccer bag for her cleats, shin guards, and ball. She is so excited!!

Greg and I are just the boring parents - we know you check the blog to see what's going on with the girls!!

Faithfully, Kelly

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Daphne said...

Ok, I was about to totally freak out until I read that it is in her crib. That is great news but I thought at first that she was pulling to stand at furniture from her belly!!