Friday, August 8, 2008

Chocolate milk - am I allergic?

Well for those who know Maddie well, you know that she has thrown up every time in her life that she has had chocolate milk. So recently she told my neighbor that she was allergic to chocolate milk just as she had ordered a chocolate milkshake for Maddie (because that is what she had asked for with her lunch at Krystal)! Of course I received a panicky call at work from Christine . . . "um, Kelly, is Maddie allergic to chocolate milk? She just asked for a chocolate shake, I ordered it for her, and now she tells me she is allergic to chocolate milk!!" So I of course tell her, "no, she's not allergic" and then I explain why Maddie might have said that.

So yesterday afternoon, Maddie says that she would like to have some chocolate milk and here is the conversation:

"mom, can I have some chocolate milk?"
"no maddie, you know that you always throw up when you drink chocolate milk"
"well, moooooooom, you said I'm not allergic"
"that's right, maddie, you aren't allergic, but you still throw up each time you drink it - do you really want to get sick"
"well, I just won't talk to you each day I can't have any"
"that's wonderful - it will be a very quiet week - thank you maddie"


"but mooooooooom, pleeeeeeeeeeeease?"
"i thought you said you weren't talking until you could have some"
"well that starts tomorrow"

What a simple and adorable conversation with a 4 1/2 year old. It reminded me of how quickly we, as adults, abandon our convictions too! Whenever it becomes inconvient for us to stand up for what we believe in, we jump ship. I challenge myself and each of you to hold strong to your convictions and be steadfast in what you stand for and the choices you make! Wow, I hope to uphold my challenge!

On another note, I ask that you start praying feverently for me and my upcoming speaking challenge - I mean engagement! I speak on Tuesday at the Birmingham area United Way Agency Kickoff luncheon about our blessed receipt of services offered and funded in part by the United Way through Children's Hospital. I haven't been nervous until today when I began to talk through my "speech" and started to wonder how I will make it through without tears in front of a large group of executives! The only way I know is with prayer - so I humbly ask for your assitance in joining with me to pray that words from my mouth will make a difference!

Faithfully and humbly his servant!


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Amy said...

Kelly, My name is Amy and I ran across this post by googling "Allergic to packaged chocolate milk". My 5 year old has now thrown up at least 5 times after having chocolate milk that comes in the carton or bottle (when we make it at home with chocolate syrup and milk she has been fine). Wondering if you've learned any more about your Maddie's intolerance of chocolate milk? I'd love to hear/share stories and figure this out, my daughter isn't allergic to anything else. My email is