Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Clinic Update and the United Way Lunch

Clinic Update:

Great Clinic visit. We got the ok to drop two meds!! We also were told to ween Kat to 3/4 liter of oxygen for the next two weeks and if she tolerates it, then go to a 1/2 liter!! (That is amazing!!) So far today, she has done excellent!! Kathryn's weight gain has slowed the last two months to 10 grams a day where for the previous four months she was at 14 grams a day, so that was a little bad news, but the doctors aren't making any changes right now. So. . . . until October, that's the clinic news.

United Way Lunch:

All went well - at least I thought so!! I think I was asked to do another one right after I spoke, but I am not sure. Will update more on that later!!

Thanks for the prayers for the United Way event. My fears were calmed!



Anonymous said...

That is great news!!

Brandy & Jonathan Crumly said...

It was so nice to meet you yesterday at the luncheon! We really enjoyed hearing your story. Thanks for sharing your blog with me!

Brandy (maryhelen's friend from UW)

Kate said...

She will be off that oxygen in no time!