Sunday, August 17, 2008

The rest of our week

Kathryn is doing just great on 3/4 L of oxygen - I think we will have no problems turning her down to 1/2 L in another week!! I am so glad to see her dropping her oxygen levels and handling it so well!

Wednesday of this week we had our Wednesday night kickoff program at church so the whole family went!

Thursday, Kathryn had her six month follow up with Cardiology and they gave her an excellent report. They advised us to come back in a year and a half when she is almost 3 - isn't that wonderful!? One less doctor visit!! Thursday was also my first meeting with the Children's Hospital Patient Parent Advisory Council that I was asked to be a part of. We were able to see some information about the new Children's Hospital that they are building in Birmingham by 2012 and it looks fantastic. I hope we don't have to go back to living at Children's again, but if we ever do, I hope we wait til then!

This weekend has been filled with snuggle time and errands for me and Kathryn. Madelyn and Greg went to Camp Cosby yesterday to help clean up with a group from his work. Maddie was so excited all week about going to work with Daddy!! She told me when they got home that Daddy works pretty hard when he is at work - I think Maddie thought that was what Daddy does everyday. She said she helped pick up the biggest sticks I ever saw - Greg says they were about the size of a ruler, but she thought they were huge. Isn't that cute?

Faithfully, Kelly

Oh - and I got my United Way video back from Regions. It's very neat!! I'll figure out a way I can share my part (if I can).

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