Tuesday, April 1, 2008

50% mommy + 50% daddy = 100% cute

My aunt got this onesie for Kathryn for Easter.

Kathryn cuddling with her Easter bunny!!

Ooooooooh - I love to hug you Easter Bunny!!
And now, Kathryn goes in for the big kiss!

Kathryn's latest trick!! If you look close enough the canula is out!! It's hard for us too. The darn thing is clear so you can't always spot it right away, until the SAT monitor starts beeping and then we can all guess - "Kathryn took the canula out again!!" (She has been nicknamed, the "little weasel".)
Sometimes I wonder lately if I am being unfair to Madelyn for all the pictures I take and post of Kathryn lately. Then I look back at the number of pictures we took when Maddie was a baby, and I think poor Kathryn- she's the one who is deprived!!
We took Kathryn to church with us this past Sunday. It was her first trip and her first time to meet so many of our Sunday School class (the DINKS) that had prayed so many nights for her!! It was wonderful to introduce my second daughter to some very special people in mine and Greg's life!! It was also wonderful to ride together as a family to church!! It was a little daunting at first with Kathryn in her car seat, the oxygen "tank in a bag", the SAT monitor, the diaper bag, our Bible and study book, etc. But as soon as we got there, it just seemed natural.
We pray for another good week. It's a blessing to think that we have been home with Kathryn now for over a month!! (Knock on wood!!)
Faithfully, Kelly

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Kate said...

So precious! What color are those big, round eyes?