Saturday, March 29, 2008

What's been going on at our house

Well, it's been a while since I had a few minutes to write. Kathryn had a doctor's appointment the Friday before Easter for her Synagis shot and Dr. Stansell's records showed her at 9 pounds, 2 ounces (that was a week ago now though so she may be closer to 9 1/2 pounds now!) We all had a wonderful Easter weekend. On Easter weekend, Maddie and Kathryn got two HUGE Easter baskets from my aunt filled to the brim with goodies, toys, and clothes (I liked the clothes the best!!) They also got Easter baskets from my Nana (who is 88) and a card with money from Nini and Pawpaw. The Easter bunny then visited our house and left a new outdoor chair set complete with a basket of goodies for the girls!! Each of the girls got a new pair of "crocs" - Kathryn's are adorable and don't fit yet, but still a great choice by the bunny!! Easter weekend, we enjoyed the Faith Walk at our church and then Easter church service on Sunday. Nini and Pawpaw went to early service and then came to our house to keep Kathryn while Greg, Maddie and I took my grandmother to the late service. Then we had a nice Easter lunch at our house!

This past week was nice and relaxing with no big things going on!! Mid week Maddie and Kathryn got another Easter box in the mail from Grammie and Grandad with chocolates and a few treat. We have had a nice weekend so far and are preparing for rain as I type. Better run - I hear the thunder.

Faithfully, Kelly

Oh - how could I forget - Kathryn turned 8 months old this past week too!!

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Kate said...

So glad to hear that everyone is doing well. Seems like Kathryn is finally home for good!!!