Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Great results from the eye doctor

At Kathryn's eye checkup today, Dr. Metz said that her eyes look perfect!! It was such a triumph to hear that!! After Monday, I felt a little beaten up so some good news was definitely in order!! We are supposed to go back in 6 months!!

And on a different note, I have made an executive decision about Kathryn's weight gain. I am going to stop the baby food and rice cereal for a little while and see if we can't get her to increase the amount of her bottles first. Those are much more caloric for Kathryn so we'll focus on that for now and then add back in the food!! It's worth a shot - she's not terribly thrilled with the food anyway. Each time she eats she acts as if she could take it or leave it - so for now, we'll leave it!!

Please pray for weight gain!!

Faithfully, Kelly

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Kate said...

Why in the world is it that these babies eat a ton and they hardly gain anything and I look sideways at a french fry and gain a pound and a half????? It is just not fair!!!

So happy to hear about her beautiful eyes! Good news indeed! Dr. Metz is a great man; we go to church together.