Sunday, April 13, 2008

Our weekend

Well, this weekend ended up being a little different than what we had planned for. Greg was planning to go out of town for a men's retreat that he had been planning for our Sunday school. With the threat of nasty weather on Friday night (hail and strong winds), the guys decided to cancel the trip, and I think Greg was pretty disappointed that it didn't work out!! Friday, he stayed home with the three girls since he had already taken the day off. We all hung out at home and cuddled during the bad weather in the afternoon. (That lasted about an hour.) After the showers passed and our power returned, we were able to take Kathryn back off the oxygen tank and return to life as normal. We ordered in a pizza and watched The Waterhorse!! (Good movie.) After Maddie headed off to bed, Greg and I watched I am Legend and I had trouble sleeping for a few hours after it was over!! All you chickens, don't watch this movie at night!!

Saturday, Kathryn had her physical therapy appointment and got a great review from her PT, Daphne!! She is working hard on rolling over, sitting up, leg stretches, and enjoying tummy time. It's a lot of work for her and it wears her out!! Saturday, Greg decided to start one of our summer projects and spent the day prepping our deck for sanding and resealing. He completed some of it today and it looks very nice!!

We spent the weekend struggling to get Kathryn to take her bottles. She acted happy and had no fever, but also no interest in eating! I think she may have gotten her appetite back this afternoon, hopefully. We also think it could be due to teething - we haven't seen any signs of a tooth just yet, but she is chewing her hands relentlessly!!

Please continue to pray for weight gain. She is still just weighing in at under 9 1/2 pounds, but we would love for her to bulk up!!

Faithfully, Kelly

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Kate said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend at the Ellis house!