Saturday, April 5, 2008

Physical Therapy

We have all had a great week!!! I worked a 5 day work week - I forgot how that felt - it was a little tiring with everything else in our "little world." (But nonetheless, rewarding.) Plus I am working three days next week!! We changed things up a bit because I had a training class to attend at work on Friday and Kathryn has a BPD Clinic visit on Monday - so we switched the days!! Anyway, Greg remains super busy with work. He was in Auburn twice last week, Tuscaloosa once, and several late nights at the office.

Maddie has been doing well with her job in the family - which is to be a sponge and learn everything she can!! School this year is proving to be such a learning experience!! She and Greg are gearing up for Derby Day with Dad at her school later this month on the 25th. The kids all design "Derby Cars" with their dads out of copy paper boxes and then they have races. I won't reveal the big surprise yet about what Madelyn's car is going to be, but let's just say that Greg and his "building" background have certainly proved to be a creative force in this project. I think she will have one of the most elaborate and high tech cars there. I will say this - there is a working radio in her car - how's that for a 4 year old project!!

Kathryn had a great week. I tested her out this week for a little while on 1 1/2 liters of oxygen and she kept her sats at or near 100!! I am hoping that we get the official direction to start weening her at our BPD appointment on Monday. I am also hoping that there might be some medicine changes that day too!! (Maybe dropping one or two or at least weening.) That's my prayer for the upcoming visit. Kathryn also had her physical therapy appointment today at home. Her PT, Daphne, is very nice and is great with Kathryn. We are working on enjoying tummy time, sitting up with the help of the boppy, loosening her muscles, and learning to turn over. It's work for Kathryn, but she is doing so well!!!

Last night, Greg and I had the wonderful opportunity to get out of the house for dinner and a movie just the two of us. Nini and Pawpaw babysat the girls - which Maddie and Kathryn love!! We went to dinner at a new restaurant in Birmingham called Fire and Ice. It was a neat experience and good food. Then we went to see the new movie 21 about counting cards at blackjack. It was a very good movie!! We didn't get home until close to midnight and finally fell asleep around 1 am. Maddie then woke us up at 2:30 getting sick in her bed. She was running a fever of 101, so we have been keeping her away from Kathryn a little today. I think it's just a little stomach thing and hopefully it's almost over since there have been no more episodes of getting sick!

Well, that's about it for our week. We have a busy week ahead of us!! Please pray for a great doctor visit on Monday with Dr. Lozano.

Faithfully, Kelly


Kate said...

I am sure that it feels nice to have a somewhat "normal" week!

Daphne said...

Kathryn's journey is so amazing to read. She has certainly come a long way. Your little lady is a real fighter! I am so happy to have the pleaasure of working with her and watching as she attains her gross motor milestones!! She has made so much progress already!