Saturday, March 1, 2008

It's been one week and we are still at home!!

Well, we came home one week ago yesterday and Kathryn has had a great week. We have not needed to increase her oxygen at all this week and we actually could probably try weening her down, but why rock the boat!?

Wednesday of this week, I had a dentist appointment (no cavities!!) and a follow up for my surgery. Dr. Kirkland said that everything seemed fine from my surgery and that 10% of these surgeries require a follow up surgery. He said that if I still notice any discomfort by April or May, to call him back. Cheryl stayed with Kathryn on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday while I did numerous errands, grocery shopping, etc. Maddie needed new dance shoes so we got those on Thursday. Her recital is coming up in May and the pictures are today! Bless her heart, she was wearing 9 1/2's and the new ones we bought were 10 1/2's and 11's. Her poor feet!!

Two bits of great news at our house this week. Madelyn was recommended by her school to go from 3K this year to 5K next year. They think that she is ready for that class!! Also, I called Kathryn's pulmonology team and asked if we could start rice cereal because Kathryn seemed hungry. We were given the ok to try it twice daily and she has done it two times now. Last night she took almost a full tablespoon! It may not seem like much, but that's a pretty big accomplishment!!

I am currently scheduled to go back to work on Tuesday!! Please pray that all goes well with that! I have been running a fever for the last 18 hours around 101 so I am staying with Tylenol and Motrin to make sure that I get better and I have been backing away from Kathryn!


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tracy ashley said...

Glad that you guys are settling in. Emma Kate
has only been on rice cereal for a week!
I hope you have a smooth transition back to work & I hope you get better!
We will be praying for a great spring for the Ellis