Monday, March 10, 2008

A great weekend

We continue to have some wonderful days at our house. Kathryn is getting stronger each day and now stays awake much more (making it much harder for myself to catch an occasional catnap)! She is smiling constantly and is even starting to try cooing and giggling in small amounts!! She is holding her head up beautifully (although still a little wobbly) and she is very insistent that she prefers to be sitting up or even trying to stand lately rather than lying down! She has great leg strength for such tiny legs and is "standing" up when you hold her up. She gets very proud of herself when she does these things. I will try tonight to get some new pictures of the new tricks!!

Maddie had a wonderful weekend enjoying the Saturday morning snow we had at our house. She made snow angels and went "sledding" and even ate some snow! She and Greg had a great time while I watched from the front porch to stay near Kathryn! Maddie was very sad to see the snow vanish and she asked why Jesus didn't make enough snow for everyone? She and I then had a girl day complete with haircuts, grocery shopping, and shopping for Greg as he headed to Philadelphia for business on Sunday. So the girls and I are winging it while Greg's gone for a few days!

My sweet 5 month old nephew was admitted to the hospital last night in Montgomery with two ear infections and pneumonia. Please pray for him and Beau and Brittany(his mom and dad - my brother and sister-in-law). It's their first baby and their first big illness with Reed and I know how scary that can be!!

Well, it's my first week of work. Better run so I am not late!!

Pray for Kathryn's continued strength, for Reed's health, for my work week, and for Greg's safe travels. Thanks for the privilege of being a part of your prayers! (I will try to get pictures up tonight or in the next few days.)


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