Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Additional doctors (ugh), first day at work, and giggles

So I went ahead and took yesterday off to get better from the flu and ended up getting a call from Kat's pulmonology clinic that they needed a referral from her Medicaid pediatrician. Guess what? Kathryn's pediatrician is not Medicaid! So, we had to call and schedule an appointment with her Medicaid pediatrician in hopes of getting the referrals needed and then heading right back to our pediatrician. Lucky for us, our Medicaid doc, "won't do that," so in order to keep the Medicaid, we had to switch to her. Doesn't that make you feel great - someone who doesn't know Kathryn from Adam's housecat. Well, anyway, I went (begrudgingly) on a day off when I didn't feel good. I left the house, got to Children's South, got the stroller out, and then balanced Kathryn's monitor, carseat, and O2 tank at the same time to get them all in the stroller so that none of the cords tangled. Then got my purse, my coke, my keys and headed inside to find that this was not the new doc's office. So everything goes back in the car and off to where the office really is - literally down the hill. Anyway, I did NOT care for this doctor. Call me jaded because I was already upset to even be there because I have a pediatrician that I like and I don't want to change. Anyway, she gave us the referrals but also suggested a few consults that she might recommend over time. (Remember this.)

So, today was my first day back at work and it went very smoothly! It was nice to feel like I was contributing again!! Cheryl did a great job with Kathryn (as always). The day seemed amazingly easy until I got home and received a message that the new doc had called. When I returned her call, she was letting me know that she had scheduled an appointment with another new doc for a fitting for Kathryn's new helmet to correct the flat spot on her head. I was shocked - remember she said that she had some things that she may recommend over time - HELLO - next day? I told her that in no uncertain terms did I intend to get Kathryn fitted for a helmet. (I followed up with our original pediatrician and Dr. Lozano who both agreed that it is not necessary and that Kathryn has bigger fish to fry than a small flat spot!) So needless to say, I am less impressed with the new doc now, but we have to stay with her until January for Medicaid.

When Greg got home tonight, we were playing with Kathryn for a few minutes before dinner and we promise we heard the first (tiny) giggle!

Maddie had a television debut tonight. The local weatherman, James Spann, came to her school today and they showed the classes on the weather report tonight. She was so excited to have been "on TV" - they really just panned the group, but don't tell her!!


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