Saturday, March 15, 2008

The weekend

What a great weekend so far!! Greg got home Wednesday night late. He seemed very tired and glad to be home. Thursday when Maddie got home from school she was so excited to see him!!! He brought Maddie, Kathryn and I t-shirts from Philadelphia and Madelyn got two post cards in the mail from Greg and he brought her a replica Liberty Bell. She was so proud to take it to school on Friday (and then devastated to realize that she left it there!!). Friday Kathryn had a follow up with the cardiologist regarding the small VSD she had at birth. A VSD is a small hole in the heart between the right and left side of the heart that basically allows "clean" and "dirty" blood to mix. Kathryn's VSD remains extremely small and according to Dr. Colvin, is not a concern. She is to see him again in 6 months, but a great report from Colvin. She also was weighed at this appointment and is now 8 pounds, 11.8 ounces. We are so proud of her!! She is now wearing almost solely 0-3 month sizes and a few newborns still, but a step up from preemies!! I also forgot to share that Kathryn was evaluated this week by Alabama's Early Intervention program and she qualifies!! This is a free service to children in the state of Alabama that are more than 25% behind developmentally in any area - cognitive, physical, etc. Anyway, Kathryn was judged on a 4 month level since that is her adjusted age and she is showing developmental signs of a 2 month old. They have recommended services for physical therapy and occupational therapy. The nice part of this program (besides the zero cost) is that they come to your home, so one less doctor's office!!!

Well, that's about it for our few days. Kathryn is getting stronger each day and Madelyn is such a little lady at 4 years old. She played with her doll today and told me that there was a small problem. Her doll was being rushed to the hospital and would be there for 4 days. She would be living there and would see me when "Sarah" was better. It almost broke my heart - is this what she is seeing from me? The bad part is that when Kathryn is sick, we don't have a choice, but I hate that Madelyn is growing up with extra circumstances. I can see the windmills and tulips in Kathryn's life; it will just be a while before Madelyn can understand. Can I just say though that even though my biggest love in this world (beyond my Heavenly Father) is my fantastic husband, I don't think that life starts until you have children!! Watching the world through their eyes is one of the greatest joys I've known and I think that Mom is the best name I've ever been called!!

Faithfully, Kelly

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