Sunday, March 16, 2008

2 new things

Kathryn started baby food this weekend - bananas to be exact. She seems to do ok with them. It takes her about 2 1/2 days to eat 1 whole jar, eating it twice a day, but we'll get there.

Also we had our first family outing today. We took Kathryn to the zoo. She didn't see much; we kept her in her car seat in the stroller covered up, but it sure was nice to be out as a family! We ran into one of Maddie's friends from school so we toured the zoo with Jackson and his parents. They also had camel rides today and Maddie rode. She and Jackson also rode together!

And, by the way, my nephew Reed is back at home. He wasn't acting himself for a few days, so my brother nicknamed him Larry. It seems that Larry has left now and Reed has returned!

Here are a few photos:

Maddie's school easter egg hunt.
Maddie and Alex
The camel smiling for the camera.
Maddie's solo ride on the camel.
Maddie and Jackson starting out.
Maddie and Jackson at the end of the ride.
Kathryn caught sight of a bird (while sucking on her thumb - a new thing!).
My sweet angel!
A Kathryn giggle!!!!
Faithfully, Kelly


Emily said...

Kathryn is seriously cute! They have camels at the zoo? The Brooks family may have to head to the zoo when we come down this summer! :)

The_girls_mommy said...

Hi guys! I just found out recently that you have a blog. I can't remember who it was at work that told me now, but I am glad they did tell me! I can't believe how BIG Kathryn is now. I know that sounds crazy--- but I remember when she was 14 ounces...I hope things stay well for you guys. I'll try to check in when I can!
Said a prayer for you tonight,
Brandy Lipscomb