Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy 11 monthday Kathryn - Here's a sample of our year in review!

I hope that you enjoy this. I had a great time making it and even shed a few tears. I'm sorry that it's six minutes long, but I just couldn't leave anything out!! You'll want to pause the music player on our blog before playing the movie!!


LOLLY said...

Hi Kelly,
I commented on your blog a long time ago as I had a friend going through the same situation as your family. Her baby girl, Lily, was born in October (the 12th) But not due until Feb.14th.
She is now a healthy 15 pounder and all seems to be fine in all areas. I have visited frequently to check in on you and I have said a lot of prayers for Kathryn and Lily.
I hope Kathryn continues to thrive, she is a beautiful baby girl! Maddie is a cutie too! God Bless you!

Brooks Family said...

Oh wow. Seriously that's amazing...God is truly awesome to show us such a miracle!

Sydney & Bayley's Proud Mommy said...

You brightened my day with that video of your little miracle Kathryn. I pray that God continues to bless you and your family.

Lurenda said...

Okay, so I now have mascara running down my face! What a beautiful montage. Your girls are precious! Thanks for sharing. Happy 11 monthday Kathryn! I can't believe you'll be 1 next month!!

Andrew and Lauren Hess said...

What a miracle!

Heather said...

I found your blog through Daphne. What beautiful girls! I work at TCH, but am still amazed by your video of Kathyrn and your story - 24 weeks at birth. The video was wonderful - brought tears to my eyes :) I'll keep your family in my prayers.