Sunday, June 15, 2008

Quick catch up post

So I haven't posted in a while, we have been a little busy lately!! After our clinic visit almost two weeks ago, we also went in to Kathryn's Medicaid pediatrician on Wed the 5th of June. In the room next to us was a dad with his child who had evidently cut his head wide open and was screaming so loudly I am surprised you all didn't hear!! And to top it off, this dad had not taken his child to the CHILDREN's emergency room, the dad had not taken his child to the child's pediatrician, no, he had taken his child to the first pediatrician he could find. So this doctor didn't even know the poor child while it screamed incesantly for almost 45 minutes while we waited in the room next door with Kathryn naked and her oxygen tank running low and Madelyn trying to climb the walls to get out because she was so bored and we couldn't find anything else in the tiny box of a room to play in "I spy!" Anyway, we finally left and the visit went fine!

That Friday night, Greg asked Madelyn on a "date" to the 5:30 movie and she raced to her bathroom to get ready. She frantically brushed her hair, applied her Cotton Candy lip gloss, and her Strawberry Shortcake spray glitter perfume and they were off to see Kung Fu Panda. I think they had a great time.

Last week, Madelyn was in Vacation Bible School at our church and had a great time!! Her teacher's name was Hannah, who Madelyn called Hannah "not Montana" everyday!! Wednesday afternoon, I took her and Kathryn to the zoo for an hour of playing in the fountains with her dear friend Logan and Friday night she had Jalyn spend the night at our house. Logan and Jalyn are her best friends from school and they are not seeing each other much this summer so we are trying to do extra things to get them together!! All day yesterday, Maddie went with Jalyn to the pool and had a great time!

Last night we celebrated Father's Day for Greg! He got new outdoor speakers, a foot massager, a photo book, and a jewelry box that Madelyn made for him. We also took him to Dreamland for dinner.

We are preparing for another crazy week as Greg leaves tomorrow for LA for three days and it's just me and the girls!!


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