Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Greg's trip to Los Angeles

So Greg left Monday morning at 4:30 to get on a flight to LA by 6am. I think we both slept about 3 hours all night on Sunday because we were afraid he would miss the plane! Monday, I went to work and came home to Maddie with a red swollen left eye. The doctor said it could be pink eye so he called in eye drops. So we started the battle of eye drops Monday night. Then about 10:30 pm, I was awakened to Grilled Cheese and Strawberry throw up all in my bed - which was where Maddie was sleeping! She had a fever of 101 and I called my mom in the middle of the night to come help (since Greg was out of town). Kathryn was crying because she was awakened by all of the commotion, Maddie was crying because she was gross and had a fever, and the bed was a mess. My mom came and stayed until around 12:15, and then I got another 3 hours of sleep or so before time to get up for work.

Tuesday Maddie seemed better, but her fever wouldn't come down completely and I called the doctor to see if there was anything more to give her. He wanted to see her in his office, of course, so my mom left work early and stayed with Kat while I took Maddie to the doctor. He said it was a 24 hour viral thing - not contagious - and oh, by the way, she didn't have pink eye (purchase of medicine wasted!)

Maddie's temperature as of today, Wednesday, is completely gone and she is perfectly fine. Of course, just in time for Greg getting back from LA tonight.

Oh and during these three days, Bailey, our dog, had some type of eye thing - a clogged tear duct, so I have also been to the vet to pick up her medicine and been applying it to get her better. Of course, she is now much better - just in time for Greg getting back in town.

When he is here, nothing goes wrong at our house. He goes to the other side of the country and our household decides to go all nutty on me!!! Pray for me in July, he heads to Baltimore for 4 nights!!

We sure are glad to have him home tonight!! Welcome home daddy!!



Lurenda said...

Wow! Poor Mom! I'll be praying for a boring four days while Greg is in Baltimore.:)

I'm glad to hear that everyone is better!

Kate said...

Just another reason why Greg should NEVER leave!!