Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Exciting news!

Each year the Regions Bank internal communications department produces a video that is shown to all associates as part of the company's United Way efforts. And each year, Regions Bank asks its associates to share how United Way has touched their lives. Usually I can't respond to such a request, as Greg and I have been fortunate enough that we have not needed the services provided by United Way - until this past year.

One of the services affected by United Way is Children's Hospital and we have certainly appreciated having this wonderful hospital right in our own back yard. I hesitated two weeks before responding to this call and I prayed about it. In the end, I feel it is a privilege that Greg and I have to be able to share the miracles we have faced over the last year of our lives. So I decided to submit our story of Kathryn and the benefits we have received through Children's Hospital.

I was notified today that they would like to include our story as a part of the United Way video campaign that will be seen by all Regions Bank employees in the Central Alabama area, at least. Kathryn and I will be part of a video shoot which will touch on some of the medical victories Kathryn has overcome with the help of the services offered by CHS and the BPD team there. I feel honored to be able to share her story.

Please pray for me on the upcoming video shoot - I would like to think that I can relive the story without tears, but I think I'll need prayer to do that!! I will let you know more details about the date when I have them.

Faithfully, Kelly

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