Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What's been happening at our house . . . .

Well, I finally was able to schedule an appointment to have my massage that Greg gave me for Valentine's Day (and it was wonderful)!!! Valentine's in June - who would have thought. Other than that, we have had a relatively uneventful two weeks. Maddie finished up zoo camp in June and then had a week at home with Kathryn and Miss Cheryl. We all celebrated the Fourth with our friends, the Rains, and watched the fireworks in Birmingham. It was a nice, quiet, long weekend. Nini and Pawpaw were out of town for the weekend and they returned on Sunday. The girls were so thrilled to see them (and Greg and I too!!)

Greg is headed today to Baltimore, so I am praying for several days of quiet around here. I am certainly hoping for no major events!! Maddie is in swimming lessons this week and next and she enjoyed her first class yesterday!! We are also looking forward this weekend to Uncle Beau (my brother),Aunt Britt, and cousin Reed coming to visit this weekend. We haven't seen them in quite a while and we can't wait to let Reed and Kathryn play together!!

Kathryn also has new tricks - she can sit up for a minute or so unassisted, she holds 88-90 on her oxygen sats without her canula (a huge improvement!!!), and she has taken to blowing raspberries with her mouth - which is wonderful except when her mouth is full of baby food!!

Here are a few pictures of the girls recently!!

Hope that you all had a great 4th of July!!


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Daphne said...

Oh, I can't wait to see Miss Kathryn sitting up by herself! I'm going to have to think about some harder activities for her to master!!