Saturday, September 13, 2008

First words, Pizza, and Gas

Kathryn said her first word last weekend - she is now a huge proponent of "Bye-Bye!" Our nanny, Miss Cheryl taught her that and low and behold it was her first word. She has since moved on to the occasional "da-da" and of course who gets left out in the cold as the last word spoken (again), but ma-ma! (Can you tell that Maddie said da-da first too?) I am trying to reassure myself that da-da must be easier to say!

Maddie came home from school on Friday and told me that they had pizza for lunch and that she had brought some home for me. I am looking at my dear thoughtful almost 5 year old like "yeah right" when I look into her school bag to find a gallon sized zip lock baggie with a styrofoam plate holding a large slice of lunchroom style cheese pizza. I turn around to tell Maddie thank you and am slapped in the face with the world's largest grin and Maddie says, "I love you mommy!" She said that they got two pieces of pizza each and she didn't want her second one, but she didn't know if I had eaten lunch so she asked her teacher if she could bring it home to mom. I didn't eat it, but what an adorable thought!! Madelyn has such a kind heart!

Friday afternoon I was feeding Kathryn and about halfway through her bottle she rared back and pushed the bottle away. I am the self proclaimed Nazi baby feeder because I desperately want my tiny tot to grow, so of course I shove it back in her mouth and she again pushes it away. I can't figure out why she is being so ornery as Kathryn continues to squirm in my arms. After a few seconds, she lets out the largest poot I have heard from that small of an individual and then get this . . . she laughs. The little devil actually thought that passing gas was funny!!

I love being a mom. Faithfully, Kelly

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