Friday, September 26, 2008


So I am writing this post at work because I am officially brain dead and will be leaving work (for the week) in a little while anyway! So what has the Ellis Family been up to this week you ask . . . . what have we not, I answer. Monday Greg and I were on the lunchtime version of the ABC local news talking about the Breakfast for Babies event this week to raise money for the March of Dimes. I did not actually see the clip, but several folks tell me they saw it. Tuesday, Maddie's school had a field trip to the Homewood Library and then we had her weekly soccer game that night. I don't think her team won, but the kids have so much fun!! Each week at the end of the game when they ask who won, we keep telling them that both teams keep winning. So far, they have not caught on yet!! Wednesday morning, Greg left on a business trip to Washington DC, Kathryn had physical therapy and Maddie had choir. Greg was due back from DC last night around 6:30 and this is what happened to change that:

2:30 EST he called to say that he had made it to the airport but the flight would be an hour late 3:30 EST he called to say that his flight had been cancelled and they were trying to figure out how to get them home
4:15 EST he called to say that he was on a flight leaving at 5:20 to NJ that would then turn around to get him home to Birmingham (go figure)
5:30 EST he called to say that they had gotten on the plane to find that the flight had been delayed until 5:40 but that now due to rain, they were going to have to sit in the plane on the runway until they could take off at
7 something EST he called to say that he had finally gotten to NJ and that he should be leaving sometime after 8:00 headed home
11:15 CST - he makes it home to find me, Maddie, and Kat all in our room asleep. He carries Madelyn in her room.
2:15 am we wake to Maddie crying who has thrown up in her bed (she says that she just coughed too hard??)
4:15 alarm goes off to get up for the Breakfast for Babies event this morning at Chappy's Deli

The breakfast went well this morning - it was very early and dark out when we started at 6:00am!!!!! We were interviewed on the local Fox station at 6:15 - here is a link to check it out - notice that we are a bit tired!

So tonight we have some friends staying with the girls so we can attend a Sunday school function. It's a wine tasting event and I am certain that I am sleepy enough to fall asleep BEFORE they even pass out the wine samples. I believe that Saturday and Sunday will include some large amounts of rest as we gear up for next week!!

We have Maddie's birthday spend the night party in just one week - I can NOT believe that my baby is going to be 5 years old!!

Wishing you a restful weekend and praying for one at my house!!

Faithfully, Kelly

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Kate said...

You have my permission to take a break. :)