Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Camping, First Day of School, & First Soccer Practice

We had a wonderful time camping this weekend. It was very nice weather and the girls and Greg and I enjoyed being outside all weekend. We got up to the campground on Friday afternoon and got our stuff set up while we waited for Nini and Pawpaw to arrive that evening. (The camper was already there!!) We enjoyed a weekend full of fishing, relaxing, swimming, football, and enjoying some really great camping food like wings, hotdogs, and steaks!! The campground was just outside of Gadsden so only about a 45 minute ride for us!! The van looked like we were leaving for weeks (concentrator and oxygen will do that to you), but after two nights we were headed home Sunday afternoon!!

When we got home, we decided that Sunday and Monday (Labor Day) would be great days to finally tackle some outdoor projects we have wanted to do such as putting up lattice around the base of the deck and tilling/seeding a part of our backyard. Well you can sense what happened next, it ended up that Greg did all the work because someone had to watch Kathryn (who by this point was a little put out with the idea of spending anymore time outside). Poor Greg spent all Sunday afternoon and Monday from 8 am til 5pm working so hard and he finished!! It looks so great - I really do wish that I had been able to help!

Tuesday I had one more day away from work and Maddie had her school tea in the morning. It was so nice to get her back to school and seeing all of her friends! She seemed so excited to see everyone. Here is a picture of her on her first day back to school!

Tuesday night, Greg and I had to split up for events! It was parent orientation at Maddie's school so off goes mom to that at 6:00 and at the same time was the first soccer practice for Maddie (Greg got that duty). (And Kathryn stayed home with Nini!) Here are some pictures from her first soccer practice.

Let me just say that I love her new teacher this year. Miss Cassie seems just great! She is very detailed and organized which is right up my alley!! They are going to learn so much this year in 5K - they are scheduled for math, spanish, phonics, writing, reading, etc. They have homework every week, fieldtrips every month, and tons of neat things that they will do in the classroom to learn responsibilities. I can't wait to see how much she grows this year!!

I'll leave you with some random pictures from our house lately - sorry it's been so long since I have posted pictures!!

Faithfully! Kelly

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