Tuesday, September 9, 2008

First Soccer Game

Madelyn and her friends had a great time at their first soccer game. The girls played so well and went head to head with the boys. I was so proud of Maddie!! Her team wears burgundy jerseys and they picked their name tonight, so we are now routing for the Red Strikers!! Here is a quick picture or two from the game!!

Here are a couple of other photos too from the last few days. The first one is of Kat this past Saturday. She was all dressed up in her Auburn gear and I was changing her cannula and stickers so I snapped a photo of her without both - doesn't she look beautiful without them!!
This next one is of Kathryn in her new dress that our dear friend Kate made for her!! It looks just adorable on her!! Thanks Kate for making it. (Here she is showcasing her ability to go from lying on her back to getting back up to sitting - you heard me right!! - And Daphne, you won't believe how she does it!)

Here is one of Maddie and Kathryn snuggling in Kathryn's crib.

Kathryn's new favorite way to play. She thinks her toy bucket is an excellent hat!! (And she thinks that it is very funny to put it on her head.)

Last but not least, a new video of the girls playing in Kathryn's crib. Kathryn thought that this was very funny. Turn up your sound and listen to the giggles!!

Faithfully, Kelly


Daphne said...

Kathryn better show off for me on Saturday! I can't wait to see her in action!!

Carolynn said...

We loved hearing both girl's sweet giggles! They are too cute!