Sunday, July 27, 2008

Our Birthday Weekend

We had a WONDERFUL weekend celebrating Kathryn's first birthday!! Here's a recap:

Friday - Kathryn and I spent some time together just the two of us on her birthday morning while Greg was at work and Madelyn at gymnastics camp. She and I then took a little trip to the Brookwood NICU where it all started and we were able to see many of the nurses and Dr. DiCarlo. He was so amazed at how big she is. Kat and I picked up Maddie from camp and had lunch with Nini - just the girls (which was very nice)! Friday afternoon, Greg and I took the girls to have professional photos made and they turned out incredible. (I'll try to share a few in the next few days!) Friday night, Greg and I and the girls had dinner out with Nini and Pawpaw to celebrate Kathryn's birthday at Firebirds.

On Friday Kathryn received many birthday phone calls from Nini and Pawpaw, Uncle Beau, Aunt Brit, Uncle Eric, Nana, Pops, our dear friend Nurse Ginny, our sweet nanny Miss Cheryl, ans so many of our close friends. It was so nice to hear from everyone who remembered Kathryn on her very first birthday!!

Saturday - We spent lunch time with our dear friends, the Redmonds, for Jacob's first birthday. Many may know that Alex Redmond and Madelyn plan to marry one day, so Greg and I have decided, along with the Redmonds, that Kathryn and Jacob will marry in the same ceremony. Much cheaper that way and much easier since both children have the same set of inlaws!! (And we really enjoy spending time with the Redmonds, so that makes holidays very easy!!)

Saturday evening we had Kathryn's first birthday party. We were very fortunate to have a house full of people! We shared our evening with college friends, the Mungers and Sawyers; new friends, the Redmonds, the Anglins, and the Randalls, our nanny Miss Cheryl and her husband William, and family of Nini and Pawpaw, Nana, my Aunt Dahl and her roommate and about 10 children!! It was a wonderful celebration of the last year with Kathryn and of Greg's birthday tomorrow!!

Sunday, as you can imagine, was a wind down day from the weekend festivities! We were all very tired but we enjoyed every bit of our celebration and our time with dear sweet friends and with wonderful family!

We look forward, with anticipation, to what the next year holds for our family!!

Faithfully, Kelly

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