Thursday, May 29, 2008

So, allow me a moment to be happy and a moment to sulk

So, I took Kathryn to the doctor today because she has had some tummy troubles (we'll just leave it at that!). Well, the good news is that she has finally crossed the double digits in weight and weighed in at 11 pounds .5 ounces. I am so thrilled to even be able to say that she has grown so much. The bad news about that is that although she has gained, Dr. Stansell mentioned that he felt like her weight gain is probably slowing over what it used to be. She will see Dr. Lozano at BPD Clinic on Monday and his team is who directs her nutritional requirements. I would imagine that Monday will include some nutritional changes and I pray that whatever is recommended will start to work and pack some pounds on our little munchkin! Otherwise, there may be some larger changes that they would consider making that could involve minor or major invasive procedures that I do not even want to think about yet!

I haven't asked for a specific prayer for Kathryn for a while, but I feel the need to ask for one now. She is doing so well and I ask that you pray for some really aggressive weight gain for her over the next few weeks. I pray that she can pull out of this "slump" by herself without the needs of medical intervention!!



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Andrew and Lauren Hess said...

Every time we would go for a "weight" check I was so close to putting rocks in Carson's diaper! I just wanted that scale to move so badly!! We know the weight struggle well. Kathryn is strong and she will pull this one off too. We will be making a specific prayer for weight gain. I remember being so happy when I saw a double chin on Carson. We'll add chuncky thighs and chins to Kathryn's prayer also!