Saturday, May 17, 2008

Getting ready for the recital and baptism

As we get ready to start our busy weekend of recital, family, cookout, baptism, and NICU reunion, I am absolutely excited about celebrating the lives of my daughters. Madelyn is such a beautiful, sweet little girl with a tremendous heart and she has become such the big sister. She tells us all the time how much she loves Kathryn and that she will always be her best friend. I myself never had a sister, but I can only imagine the bond that these two will share as they grow older!! Madelyn looks at Kathryn like she hung the moon, but then again so do Greg and I sometimes!!

Madelyn performs today in her very first dance recital and is the second to last routine in the 2 1/2 hour program and yes, we have to be there (get to be there) for the whole thing!! She is so excited to be on the big stage and of course when she got up there for the rehearsal she too looked like she was perfecting the "deer in headlights" look! Last night before bed, she said "tomorrow is recital day" and had the biggest smile ever on her face!! Greg and I are taking her to breakfast with her best friends that are also in her dance class as a pre-recital party!!

As we get ready to celebrate the baptism of Kathryn this Sunday, I think back almost 10 months ago when Kathryn came into this world a fragile 14 ounces and my heart is overjoyed that this day is here!! There were so many nights that we never thought Kathryn would remain with us and the fact that she has still amazes me everyday. It's not too often that we get to personally see God's grace and His miracles, but we have the pleasure of staring into the face of His grace every day and she always smiles back at us. It's as if her smile means, "see, Kelly and Greg, I said to trust in me and I would bring her home!"

What a blessing this weekend is too us! We celebrate our children this weekend!! And we thank everyone who plans to celebrate with us!

Faithfully, Kelly


Kate said...

There is no telling how many people who doubted God's existence before Kathryn's birth and who have been changed due to her life. She is a true miracle!!!

Lurenda said...

Thank you for inviting me to be a part of Kathryn's BIG day! She was so beautiful in her gown. My heart was filled with joy to see one of God's amazing miracles in person. I hope you guys get some rest next weekend! ;)