Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Still no oxygen

So, Greg and I made the executive decision without the consult of our doctors that we would just not put Kat back on the oxygen since the study last Wednesday night. She has now been SEVEN nights (and days) without oxygen. This morning when I checked on her she was 100 for her O2 reading. How great is that??? To be honest, we thought we would have had the results by now, I mean come on, a week??? Anyway, I called yesterday and raised a stink and we should hear something this morning!

We have another big step for her too - she has slept two nights in her own bed now. I know what you are thinking, she's closing in on two and had been sleeping in our room all this time? I was a little leery with all the equipment and such to put her in her own room, but now that she is off the oxygen, it was definitely time to try it. Mind you, the last two nights have not been easy; she cried for almost 40 minutes last night!

In other news:

1. my sister in law Brittany is now 28 weeks - you can visit them at to check up on Beau, Brittany, Reed, and Gaines
2. we are planning our first beach weekend getaway since Kathryn's birth -HALLELUJAH!!
3. Maddie's kindergarten orientation is coming up soon - when did she become so grown up?

Better Run to get dressed for work!
Faithfully, Kelly

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Collier Chronicles said...

Way to go Kat! That is great.
I hate you guys want be able to come for supper club but I so feel you on the beach trip. We haven't been in 2 years. We even lived there, crazy.

See ya Sunday.