Thursday, April 9, 2009

No Oxygen!!

We did Kathryn's pulse oximetry overnight test last night - for you non-medical folks - (that includes me), that means she slept all night with oxygen! And she did wonderful!! No alarms. The oxygen company comes today to pick up the machine to download and see if she passed, but I am pretty certain that she did pass!! Our house was creepily (is that a word?) quiet last night with the concentrator turned off for the first time in over a year - but I am not complaining!!

I am sorry for being such a crappy blogger lately!! We are so enjoying living life now that unfortunately, my time at the computer has gone by the wayside. Plus our computer had some viruses and we were getting them fixed!

Anyway, please pray that the results are as we expect they will be. We should know in a few days! Keep praying for my nephew Gaines to stay in his mommy's tummy for a while longer. She is now 27 weeks!

Faithfully, Kelly

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Kate said...

That is beyond awesome!!