Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Random Things

1. Kat is doing very well without oxygen during the day. She has been doing it about a week and a day and is doing excellent! She loves the freedom to go places in our home that she couldn't go before! She walks with a passion. She has now converted "Bay Bay" to "Bai-ly" to call our dog. If you ask her, where's Maddie, she turns to look straight at Maddie. In this fashion, she knows who the following people are: Maddie, Mommy, Daddy, Nini, Pawpaw, and Miss Cheryl. She waves bye bye with a vengeance and is just starting into "uh-oh".

2. Maddie is still recovering from a weekend of sickness. You name it, she's had it. Let's just say that our washing machine keeps getting a workout from all the sickness. Poor thing, her fever has been as high as 104, coughing, vomiting, chills, no appetite, etc. I hope that she is starting to round the curve to wellness because she isn't herself at all. I am also very tired from little to no sleep for the past four nights!

3. We went to the circus on Saturday night because Maddie seemed fine and we had the tickets. 10 minutes after intermission, Maddie threw up all over Greg so we left. Kathryn seemed to have a ball though! I have pictures of them that I will post later.

4. I joined FaceBook - that thing is fun, but is a definite time hog!

5. Greg's company won a job in Texas for some huge amount like $60 million that he helped to find! Go Greg!

6.Greg and I had a date last Friday night at the Comedy Club. It was very nice to get out and Nini and Pawpaw were gracious babysitters!

That's all for now! Faithfully, Kelly

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tracie said...

We went to the circus Sat. night. So cool! Hope Maddie feels better soon!