Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More random thoughts

So here we are, another week has gone by and I have neglected the blog again! I used to have much more free time! Anyway, on to the news . . .

1. Maddie - Greg went this past Saturday at 5:30am to stand in line to reserve her spot in after school care starting in August. He was #8 in line and we still got first on the waiting list! I did talk with them on Monday afternoon and it seems pretty positive that we will get a spot, we just won't know until later this week. On the sickness homefront, Maddie is much better. A week and a half and now Maddie is back! She is thrilled to be back at school this week too.

2. Kathryn - had been hanging in all week and not getting sick, and now . . . she's getting sick. So far so good though with the oxygen. We had one little spell last night where she started to breathe funny and her sats were a little low so I put her on oxygen early, but other than that she has been doing well with nights only for about 2 1/2 weeks. Her sickness so far seems to just be really high fevers - 103 is the highest and that was last night with the crazy breathing spell. We went to the zoo and the park this past weekend and she loved running around without an attachment.

3. Greg and I - working, errands, etc. Greg was scheduled to go to Texas again this week on Monday and Tuesday and Monday morning after he had taken his travel bag to work, the trip was postponed. That trip will now be next week. Today he is headed to Mobile. Travelling fool! I'm in town, working, juggling appointments, holding down the fort, etc. For Valentines, we are doing the BE&K 5K this Saturday morning to help raise money for Kid One Transport. That's right, while you guys head out for your dinner dates, our date is a walk! (we save money and we get exercise - and I get some time with just my husband!)

Anyway, better run to get dressed for work!
Faithfully, Kelly

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