Monday, February 23, 2009

Prayer Warriors needed

Kathryn has had a small cold over the weekend and she was sounding worse today so we headed to a 3:00 doctor's appointment. The prognosis is that she has a double ear infection, but also a significant "rattle" all over her chest. For Kat that can be dangerous because it can get into her lungs. She has been free of daytime oxygen for about 4 weeks now, but today she had to go back on daytime oxygen at 1/4 L (which is also her nighttime amount). Right now it is precautionary in order to keep her oxygen sats where they need to be. We are at home and treating her for her ear infections. Please pray that Kathryn will improve, this will not spread to her lungs, and that she will not need to go back in to the hospital. She has been hospital free for one year now and that is the last place we want to go back. Right now, we just kinda wait and see how she does (and we pray a lot!).

We covet your prayers!

Faithfully, Kelly


The Girls Mommy said...

Definitely praying! Keep that baby girl OUT of the hospital! Let me know if I can do anything. I DO NOT want to see you at Children's!

Collier Chronicles said...

I will say a prayer for my sweet angel! Missed you guys Sunday, we were in Fungomery @ FUMC there.