Friday, December 12, 2008

One Year Ago. . .

We were just settling in with Kathryn at home for the very first time! My how things change in a year! Kathryn had her synagis shot this past week and she is weighing in at 15 lbs, 4 ozs - hefty!! Anyway, she is now facing forward in the carseat - I know she isn't 20 pounds yet, but we have a doctor's ok to do it!! She absolutely loves it - she looks around as if to say, you mean you guys were here in the car with me all along and I never knew it!! She smiles from ear to ear almost every time in the car now (for short trips, mind you!)

We haven't been able to start the weening of oxygen again. Her little sickness over Thanksgiving must have inflamed her lungs. On oxygen she is fine, but when we take her off she doesn't last more than 10 minutes without dropping her sats. I called Dr. Lozano's office to ask about it because it worried me a little (since she had done so well with 8 hours before). Anyway, they said that it was amazing that Kat, with lung conditions, was able to weather her little sickness at home without increased oxygen. They said that ususally "lung babies" would require increased O2 or possibly rehospitalization for winter time sicknesses. All that said, they told us to be very cautious about having her around large crowds of people that would want to hold her and to definitely steer clear of wood burning fireplaces or smoke of anykind, and she should be good to try it again soon! (No complaints here, we definitely would like to stay away from the hospital this year!!)

Maddie had her school and church music programs this week and today her class is going on a field trip to the Old Baker Christmas Tree Farm! She is so excited!! Tonight the girls are spending the night with Nini and Pawpaw while Greg and I go to our Sunday school Christmas party! It's Kat's first night away, so I am a little anxious. Maddie on the other hand has been looking at me as if I am chopped liver because she can't wait to get to Nini's house!

Uh oh, the munchkin is waking - gotta run!!

Faithfully, Kelly

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Kate said...

What a difference a year makes!

Isaac was born at 37 weeks at 6 pounds, he is 18 months and is only 20 pounds 10 ounces.....good things come in small packages!