Saturday, November 29, 2008

Small Hiatus on the Weaning

So we have taken a small hiatus on the weaning process. Kathryn got her second dose of the flu shot on Monday and has been sick ever since. What do I mean by sick? Try fevers up to 104.3. But don't worry, at 3 am in the morning, the nurse keeps telling us that we are ok to keep her at home as long as she is under 105. Excuse me? I think that children were not meant to have fevers that high. Her only other symptom is that she has a very congested nose - poor thing. She frequently blows large snot bubbles during the middle of the night and sounds like a grizzly bear. But her sats are just fine!! Anyway, after 4 days of this, I am taking her to the pediatrician today (again). We went on Tuesday and they thought that everything looked fine, she was just having a flu shot reaction. Well, after 4 days of high fevers, I would like some answers! Stay tuned on this note.

On other news, we have had a nice week (if you can overlook a cranky little one!) We have had my aunt and uncle in from St Louis and my brother, sister-in-law and baby Reed in from Montgomery for the Thanksgiving holidays! We have enjoyed some wonderful family time, excellent food (including Dreamland ribs - yummy!!), and sleepless nights!! Maddie has actually spent three nights with Nini and Pawpaw because she wanted to be around all the "fun". (Guess that means that me, Greg, and Kathryn aren't fun.) We are decorated in the house for Christmas with the exception of the tree, which we had planned to get this weekend, but it hasn't stopped raining since yesterday around lunchtime. Greg also plans to decorate the outside of the house once it stops raining! We are also headed to Lowe's this weekend to get a new grill. Our gas grill called it quits last week and Greg has since found out that the company who made it is now out of business. We thought we were out of luck, but Lowe's (where we bought it) has offered to give us a store credit for the value that we purchased it for almost three years ago, which means that we will get a new (free) replacement. I love free replacements!!

Better run to get ready for the doctor's office!


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Avery Tales said...

I'm so sorry to hear that she's been so sick. I hope she starts feeling better very soon! We'll remember you in our prayers.

I'm glad to hear that Lowe's is taking care of you. You can always call Ben if you need anything. He manages the Leeds store.