Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Birthday to Maddie!!

We had a wonderful birthday weekend for Maddie!! She had her birthday party last weekend and invited her two best girl firends over for a spend the night party - we know, we sure are brave!! The girls were sweet as ever! They had pizza for dinner, then we decorated our own cupcakes, and then they watched the new Barbie movie. For breakfast, we took them to Chappy's in their jammies and they all thought that was great fun!!

Friday Maddie took cupcakes to school. At school, she wore the birthday crown, the birthday t-shirt, and got a lot of special treatment. I also went to school and was a "celebrity" reader to her class. This past Friday night, we asked Maddie what she wanted to do for her birthday. She wanted to go see Beverly Hills Chihuahua at the movie and then eat dinner at Joe's Crab Shack!! The four of us went with Nini and Pawpaw to see the movie and eat and we all had a great time. I absolutely can not believe that she is really five years old!! I was telling her Friday afternoon that five years ago at that moment, Greg and I were meeting her for the first time and she said, "Could we talk about this in a minute, I'm reading a book!" Promptly put in my place!

Saturday, we went to get Maddie a Barbie case for her newly found Barbie collection. She got 6 for her birthday from various people - two from Greg and I. Barbie is her new favorite thing and she has promptly decided that every other doll that she previously had is complete mush and NOTHING compared to Barbie! Isn't it funny how quickly Barbie becomes important? She also went Saturday night with Nini to see a magician! She definitely had a wonderful birthday!! She also racked up with 6 Barbies, 3 movies, a butterfly pavillion, Color Me Gems, a painted bulletin board (also her new favorite!!), money, and plenty of wonderful new clothes from the Children's Place.

Here are a few pictures!


Avery Tales said...

Happy Birthday Maddie!! It looks like you really racked up!! I'm glad your weekend was full of fun!

Avery Tales said...

You have a surprise over at my blog. ;)

Kate said...

Happy belated birthday to the most precious red-headed girl I know!