Thursday, July 16, 2009

Where to even begin

It has been so long since I last posted on this blog. I honestly thought that maybe I had just abandoned it permanently, but something kept drawing me back to it. Anyway, so I won't even try to play catch up, but here are some highlights of our life since April 2009.

So we left for Destin in April and the next day, April 24th, my nephew was born at 29 weeks. We enjoyed our beach weekend in late April. May was a crazy month with Mother's Day and Maddie's kindergarten graduation. Then began our summer including an overnight trip for Greg and I to Atlanta for Greg's brother's wedding reception, VBS for Maddie, a trip to the Chattanooga Aquarium (where we are now members!!), a father's day camping trip, Maddie's swimming lessons, a gymnastics class for Kathryn at Kid's Gym in Vestavia, Maddie's two week gymnastics camp, and a recent vacation to our favorite beach ever, Rosemary Beach!! Kat is doing so incredible without oxygen and we go in two weeks for her official checkup with BPD clinic where we hope she will graduate. Kathryn will also celebrate her second birthday in just nine days. Maddie lost her first tooth on vacation last week, learned how to do flips and handstands in the pool by watching other little girls do it, and officially starts Kindergarten in just under a month. Greg is becoming friendly with the airlines lately as he has been traveling quite a bit for work to Texas, Louisiana, and now Missouri. I was having a pretty flexible work schedule until about 3 weeks ago, when we were asked to put in extra hours and now I am working 6am to about 5pm each day. My brother Beau and his wife Brittany stayed in Washington, DC until about a week ago when Gaines was finally transferred to a hospital back in Alabama. He is doing much better but seems to continue to require oxygen and it appears that he may come home with oxygen also. He is a handsome little thing.

Well, better run. I am making a promise to myself to be better about blogging since I really enjoyed it when I did it before! It's a little more enjoyable now that we have a new laptop at home that isn't a slow old dinosaur like our desktop was. (It was seven years old though which is great great grandfather age in computers!)

Faithfully, Kelly

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Collier Chronicles said...

So glad to see you back and in business. See you Sunday? I teach in a few weeks. Eeek.