Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kat's clinic update

We had a clinic visit on Monday with our favorite Dr. - Dr. Lozano. As of now, we are decreasing her Viagra to once a day for two weeks and then we will just stop giving it to her!! Wow - what a big accomplishment. Also, about a week after we stop Viagra, we will do an overnight pulse oximetry study (at home) where they monitor her sats all night without oxygen. If she passes, we will stop oxygen all together! So by mid to late April, we may be able to pack up all this oxygen equipment!! I never thought that I would see that day. We also now will be going to BPD clinic every three months instead of every two and when we go back in July, if Kat is doing well, we may even graduate from that clinic. At that point, we would default to the regular pulmonary clinic which is every 4-6 months. What great strides my little miracle is making. And she finally hit 16 pounds!!

All of these wonderful accomplishments aside, please continue your prayers for my sweet nephew to be, Gaines and his wonderful parents Beau and Brittany. And also pray for Reed while he is away from his mom and dad. They are holding steady at 25 weeks and Gaines is still with his mommy where he belongs!

Keep praying - the prayer of the faithful is powerful and effective!

Faithfully, Kelly


Collier Chronicles said...

woo hoo Kat! You go girl!

The Girls Mommy said...

Yay, Kathryn! I am so happy to see you growing into a bigger girl (don't know if you'll ever be "big")!