Monday, January 12, 2009

Our new year so far. . .

So you can tell that the blog is taking a backseat lately. We have been so busy or so busy resting from being busy. Here's our world in a nutshell lately.

Now walking. She still cruises mostly along furniture, but she has taken as many as 20 steps in a row unassisted. She seems VERY proud of herself with this new accomplishment. The teeth are still busting through and the bottom two are much more visible now. No new ones though. Food is becoming more interesting - yea!! Her favorite foods are meats (even steak), cheese, squash, crackers, and last night we finally had success with our first fruit - banana. Not really a vegetable or fruit eater yet though. Her OT to improve her eating is going well and is now once a week since her eating is such an important issue to gaining weight, dropping the oxygen, and becoming healthier. Oxygen is still with us, but we are trying to start weening again. She did an hour off of it two days last week. I am pretty sure that she finally said mama last night too! Of course, she wasn't calling me that yet, but it was nice to hear her finally say the "ma" sound so that I know that she can say mama.

She started back to school on Jan 5 and is now 9-2 instead of 9-1. I guess it is getting her ready for big girl school in the fall. She really likes it and they are learning sooo much. She is becoming one smart cookie and is spelling, reading a few words, and writing like crazy (many times the same words over and over because that's what she knows). She still supposedly has the same "boyfriend" and just adores Alex Redmond, although some days he seems a little in competition with Jackson and Josh that are in her class.

Greg and I:
Back to work. Trying to be more healthy and shed the extra pounds we put on through the crazy past year and half living in and out of hospitals. We had the opportunity this past weekend to have a "date" and attend a baby shower and then go to a movie while the girls spent the night with Nini and Pawpaw. We saw Seven Pounds - very good but a little depressing. It was very nice to sleep restfully, but getting them both out for the night took a small army for all the equipment!

I promise to get new pictures posted soon!


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