Saturday, July 28, 2007

Happy Birthday to Dad...

Well, today dad turns 33, or as Maddie says I am twice as old as her because she is only one three. We had a nice barbeque picnic last night here in the hospital room for my birthday. Maddie and I even got to play SuperBoy and SuperGirl (capes and all) after the picnic. But the best birthday I could ever hope for was getting to hold Kathryn's hand a few minutes ago for the first time since she was born. I am attaching two pictures the first of my birthday present, and the second of Mom and Kathryn holding hands for the first time also. As you will see she is another Daddy's girl as she opened her eye to see whose hand she was holding. Also this will give a little better perspective on how her size is in comparison.

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

Hey Mom Look I think I am going to have blonde hair!!! Maybe I can have curls like big sister too!

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Cathy Moorer said...

Happy Birthday Greg. What a WONDERFUL birthday present. Thanks for posting updates and pictures of your little angel!! Yall are all in our prayers!